Carnival Legend - A Ship for Everyone

We are fresh from our 10-day voyage on Carnival Legend.

You know that light, happy feeling you have after a great break away – full of good vibes, secret smiles and happy memories…

Carnival Legend is well named if you consider the colloquial:

She really is “A Little Legend”.

You would be hard-pressed not to have a great time on this gem of a ship. Look past all the Urns, and you will soon find, as we did that there is something for everyone on the Legend!

Carnival Legend began her cruising life in 2001, and she is due for a refurbishment next month.  While not the most glamorous of ships, we felt that she was well-maintained and well laid-out, although the décor in the public areas is crying out for a new theme!

Officially she holds 2124 guests over 1062 cabins, but a staff member told us that she had around 2500 passengers on our voyage.  This makes sense, as some cabins will hold 4 passengers.

First Impressions

No matter how many cruises you have been on, there is always a sense of excitement as you pass over the gangway.  I don’t think we will ever lose this sense of anticipation and adventure, and with the quick and stress-free embarkation procedure our holiday began.

Get ready to be lost for a day or so, as you learn your way around the ship.  Staff were on hand to point the way, and ship maps are found on every level and every stair-way. We did miss the ‘old-fashioned’ paper maps that are no longer provided, but the excellent Carnival Ships “APP” brought us straight into the 21st Century (highly recommend you download this).

At 294m long and with 12 decks, there is plenty of Carnival Legend to discover!

Carnival Legend in SydneyCarnival Legend Ship Map 

A Room with a View

The Claustrophobe in me demands a room with a balcony, and we were thrilled with the location of our stateroom.  We found level 5 aft to be great. With our Dining Room on Level 2, and our favourite hang-out (Serenity) on Level 9, we were always half-way there.

We did have a few days of high winds, and moderate seas and we found the movement at the back of the ship to be much less than the front of the ship.  Something worth noting if you can’t get the highly sought after “mid-ships” location.  In addition, being aft also meant less travelling through corridors as the Dining rooms and the Serenity are at the back of the ship.

Something for Everyone

You may wonder why a couple without children would choose to go on a ship that is promoted as being for families?  We asked ourselves the same thing before we travelled (lol), but the dates and itinerary were exactly what we were looking for, so we decided to give it a go. 

And we were happy with our decision! Something that Carnival Legend did superbly was to cater to a multitude of tastes!

Yes, there were more children than any of our past cruises, but except for a couple of small incidents they didn’t impact on our holiday. And they wouldn’t stop us from choosing Carnival in future.

We even attended a couple of activities that were (probably) aimed towards children and we enjoyed the novelty!

Speaking as said couple without children, the things that “made” our Carnival Legend cruise were:

Serenity Adults only area.

Dining in the Main Dining Room for lunch and a later dinner.

Adults only Comedy Club.

The Chefs Table.

Mini Golf.

Our Balcony Stateroom.

Watching the moon from ship balconyCarnival Legend Mini GolfDrink and book on Carnival Legend Serenity 

The Fun Ship

There was so much to do!  The very real FOMO (fear of missing out) is alive and well on Carnival Legend!  There is a great and varied assortment of events and activities to fill in your days and nights.

Our itinerary gave us 3 full days at Sea after we left Sydney, so the first couple of days were spent trying to pack in as many activities as possible before we realised it was OK to just relax!

Our advice is to accept before you begin, that you won’t be able to do EVERYTHING!  Give yourself permission to miss some activities and just spend some time gazing out at that magnificent ocean.



Our Number One Favourite thing to do on a Cruise is:

Sipping a Cocktail while looking over the stunning Blue of the Ocean!

Food, Glorious Food

If Variety is the Spice of Life, The Carnival Legend is one Spicy Lady!

The Culinary Offerings on board are extensive and once again, something for everyone:

From the very (very) casual buffet and outdoor burger bar, to the 3-Course lunch and dinner in the main dining room. You also have 24-hour pizza, a ‘high-end’ Steak Restaurant, authentic Sushi joint, Seafood counter, Room-service, Delicatessen (made to order sandwiches), Coffee shop and Help-yourself Ice-cream!

Additional food experiences came in the form of The Chefs Table, 2 Cooking Demonstrations (with samples for all), a High Tea (Mad Hatter Style) and a special Dr Seuss themed Breakfast.

plate of spaghetti on carnival legendplate of sushi on carnival legend

About the Staff and Service

A Crew of 930 dedicated staff are at hand to ensure your smooth sailing and to cater to your every need. 

Let’s face it, being waited on and looked after really is a big part of the holiday experience. Without exception we found all the Crew of Carnival Legend to be professional, friendly and brilliant at their jobs.

The ship (and our room) was always sparkling clean, events and activities were smoothly run, service at the bars was efficient, we always felt safe and informed, questions were easily answered, maintenance being carried out appeared to be done without disruption to our holiday and our Cocktails always tasted great!

The Crew were a credit to Carnival Legend!

Carnival Legend Aft

So here we are, home again and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after our Carnival Legend sojourn. 

There is so much more to say about the Ship and the Journey and the Experiences we had, and those will be the subject of Blogs to come.  We hope you will follow along.

For now, we will continue to dine out on our happy memories and we will look forward to planning our next adventure!