CRUISING COCKTAIL CLASS - Make your Favourite Cocktails at home.

Sun, Sea and Cocktails – Yes, that’s how I like my holidays!

This happy trio were just made to be together.

Having a cocktail (or 2) whilst Cruising should be a compulsory activity – at the very least it is the perfect way to toast your well-earned holiday.

Nothing says “relax” better than a delicious icy concoction with a little umbrella poking out the top!  Best enjoyed as you gaze out to the far horizon, the infinite blue of the ocean easing all your cares away…..

Cruise Ships know that we love a good Cocktail – and every ship will have a Cocktail List worthy of your attention.  If you don’t really know what you like, just ask your friendly barman to make up the Cocktail of the day, or ask him to recommend one for you.  Once you’ve tried a couple, you will get an idea of the combinations you enjoy.  And remember, you have all cruise to get through that list if you want to!

Cocktails may be rich & creamy, light & fruity, zingy & fresh, sweet or sour – and some are stronger than others depending on how many different alcohols are in them.

Don’t forget that you can also enjoy a Mocktail (a Cocktail without the Alcohol) if you don’t want a boozy beverage.

Many cruise lines also offer a cocktail making class on Sea-Days for a small fee.  We loved the class on a P&O Ship – learning to make 4 different cocktails in a small group amidst lots of laughter and of course being able to enjoy the products of your labour at the end.  If you enjoy a cocktail, don’t hesitate to give the class a go!

Once the glow of the holiday is over and you are back at home and work, you may like to re-live some of that holiday vibe by making a cocktail at home.  You’ll be amazed at how a simple drink can take you back to the magic of holidays. So next time you are feeling a little down and don’t know when your next holiday will be – give this a go!


Cocktailscocktail on cruise shipcocktails on back of shipStrawberry Daiquiris on ship


Here are my Top Five Favourite Cruising Cocktails:



1oz Dark Rum

1/2oz Kahlua

1/2oz Tia Maria

½ Banana

3oz Cream


1/2oz Chocolate Syrup

Combine all ingredients except the chocolate syrup in a blender, and blend until smooth.

Top with Chocolate Syrup.



2oz White Rum

3oz Pineapple Juice

2oz Coconut Cream

1/4oz Cream

1 Scoop Ice

Blend it all together!

Garnish with a Pineapple Wedge and Cherry on the rim of the glass.



2oz White Rum

1oz Lime Juice

Splash of Sugar Syrup

6 Fresh Strawberries

Ice Cubes

Blend everything together till smooth and then pour into a glass over crushed ice.

Garnish with a wedge of Lime



10 Mint Leaves

½ a fresh Lime, cut into wedges

2oz White Rum (Bacardi)

1/2oz Sugar Syrup

Crushed Ice

Soda Water.

Bruise the Mint Leaves & lime wedges in the bottom of the glass to extract the juice from limes.

Add the other ingredients and mix it all up, using Soda Water to top up.

Garnish with a wedge of Lime.



1oz Tequila

1oz Cointreau

1oz Fresh Lime Juice

Add all ingredients into a shaker with lots of ice.  Shake vigorously for about 30 seconds.

Run a Lime Wedge around the rim of your chilled glass & then dip the rim in salt.

Strain the drink into the glass & garnish with a lime wedge. 




  • A Standard ‘Nip’ is ½ oz which is about 1T or 15ml of liquor.  You can buy a nip-measurer (jigger) for a couple of dollars – makes the measuring effortless.
  • Sugar Syrup is a just sugar dissolved in water – use 2 parts sugar (eg 1 cup of caster sugar) to 1-part water (eg ½ C water).  Heat over a low heat until the sugar has completely dissolved.  Allow this to cool before you add it to your cocktails.

We would love to know what your favourite cocktail is while you are Cruising - tell us in the Comments Below.

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