Shore Tours - Why you Should Use Go By Sea

Cruising to a New Destination?  

Exotic Ports await you! 

What are you going to do when you get there?

Exploration and New Experiences are what motivate us to travel, and our desire to share our passion for off-the-beaten path and Unique Experiences is what prompted us to begin Go By Sea!

Noumea go explore


A single day in Port is not long – so seize the day and make the most of it!

If you think leaving the ship and “winging it” is the way to go you may return at the end of your day somewhat disappointed.

If you think staying on-board when you have come all that way to a new place is a good choice, well, we think you have missed the entire point of travel!

If you think walking around a town centre will give you an idea of a destination, you will probably leave thinking you hate the place without knowing anything about it!


However, if you want to make the most of your day, and you want to experience the best of a destination we can help!

At Go By Sea we have done all the leg-work for you in searching out the very best Unique Experiences in Port Vila and Noumea. 


At Go By Sea This is What We Will Do For You When you Book With Us:


  • You Won’t Miss your Ship!

You will always be back to the ship well before the last call! We want you to have an amazing day but also be back on board to enjoy your sail-away!

All of our Experiences have been developed for Cruise Ship Passengers, so your day in Port has been specifically designed to suit the hours available.  We have personally timed all of our experiences so we know you will get back at the time required.

Our operators are all locals, and they understand the importance of Cruise Passengers to their livelihood – they would never risk their business by missing the ship!

Our operators are also completely familiar with the area and road conditions, so they know exactly how long it will take to get you from place to place and they can plan their day accordingly.

  • 100% Refund if your Ship is Unable to Berth.

Sometimes your ship might not make it into Port.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, we understand this is the nature of cruising and if your ship doesn’t make it, or is too late for the tour to go ahead we will refund your tour cost 100%.

  • Just Relax

All of the details of the day are taken care of for you, and all of our experiences allow you to make the most of your one day in Port.

Know that we have arranged every aspect of your day tour; your guide will meet you as you come off your ship and look after your every need for the day.

We provide you with a list of everything you will need to bring along for the day, and we email you easy to follow instructions on how to meet your guide.

All you need to do is book & pay on our secure website, then look forward to your Unique Experience!

  • Done In Advance

You can book and pay in Australia before you travel, making budgeting much easier, and spreading the cost of your holiday further.

You don’t need to worry about cash or foreign currency when you get to Port, as you have already paid for your experience before you leave. (Of course it’s always nice to have some cash for extras like drinks & souvenirs, and for each experience we will let you know what is appropriate to bring so that you don’t have to guess).

  • Contact Point in Australia

We are here to help; we can answer your questions and help you to make the right tour choice for you.  You can call or message us any time and we will look after you personally.

  • Support Small Local Operators

We believe in promoting small independent operators who benefit directly from your booking.

All of our operators have set their own prices, and we pay them exactly that.

Most of our operators do not have the means to market their business in Australia, but they would all like to be able to share their experiences with Cruise Passengers.

By booking through us you know your money is going straight to the locals who look after you.

  • Only the Best

We have personally tried and tested all the experiences here – we will not list a tour if we can’t recommend it.

During our time setting up Go By Sea, we visited these destinations multiple times, we looked beyond the tourist traps and sought out Unique Experiences that we thought were worthy of your limited time in Port.  So you get the best experiences without the hassle of having to research yourself.

You will be looked after by locals who want to show you the best of their place. You get the benefit of their local knowledge, their passion and experience.

  • Small Groups Away from the Crowds

The best experiences are had in small groups and off-the-beaten path so our tours will always be in small groups and away from the crowds.

We won’t take you to the tourist traps & we won’t take you places where animals are mistreated.  We won’t take you where everyone else is going, but we will take you on a Unique Experience that you will remember as a highlight of your holiday.


So come on a Journey of Discovery with Go By Sea as your Guide – you won’t regret it!

Over the following weeks we want to show-case our Unique Experiences to you in our Blog. Keep reading to learn all about the amazing experiences that we have developed especially for cruisers.

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