5 Reasons Why Independent Travellers Should Try a Cruise:


What sort of traveller are you?

Do you prefer to research, plan and book your holidays without the help of a travel agent or tour company?  Do you prefer to use local operators to take you off-the-beaten path and away from the crowds?  Do you cringe at the thought of being on a tourist bus with 50 other travellers?  Do you choose the small, boutique accommodations over large multi-national resorts?  Do you like to immerse yourself in local culture when you travel?

If you answered yes to these questions then I would call you an Independent Traveller.  And chances are you have not considered Cruising to be a good holiday choice for you yet.

But wait, we consider ourselves to be independent travellers.  And we still love to Cruise!

We don’t plan to stop our independent travels any time soon, we love the process of planning and executing an adventure in new places – but we have found we can combine the two types of travel to get the best of both worlds!

So why should you try a cruise if you normally travel independently?

1: Sometimes it’s really, really nice not to have to think about anything! 

You won’t have to worry about flight connections, foreign currency, where to find your next meal.  You will have dedicated staff eager to clean your room, serve you drinks and generally look after you hand & foot.  You can unpack your suitcase when you board and you don’t have to pack up again until the night before you disembark.  So really, there is not much to do except relax and enjoy!

2: But you can still be independent on a ship with 2000 other souls!

Yes, you can!  If you don’t want to interact with other people, you don’t have to.  You can choose to dine alone, you can find a quiet corner to sit back and read a good book.  You certainly don’t have to participate in anything that you don’t want to.  We highly recommend a cabin with a balcony to while away the hours looking out at the deep blue sea.

3: Independent travellers often like to meet new people.

There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people on board.  Many repeat cruisers have met life-long friends during a voyage.  If you like to swap travel stories you will have your fill of opportunities if you so desireAnd the good news is that if you decide someone isn’t really your cup-of-tea it’s easy enough to wander away and not see them again (unlike being stuck with someone at a boutique accommodation where you have no choice but to interact daily)!

4: There is nothing like the freedom of the Ocean

Unless you are a sailor and can hire your own boat, there are not many opportunities to spend multiple days at Sea.  The ocean is hypnotic, relaxing, rejuvenating and downright romantic!  Get yourself some Vitamin Sea – you won’t regret it!

5: You can satisfy your independent streak by taking advantage of our Unique Shore Experiences when you arrive at Port!

Go By Sea is all about helping cruisers to make the most of their limited time in Port.  We have done all the leg-work in researching and testing the best Unique Experiences to be had in a day.  So once again, you will satisfy your need to get off-the-beaten path, but without any effort involved.  We have taken care of all the details for you!

So, go on all you independent travellers.  Don’t knock it till you try it.  Go out and give a cruise a go.

You might just discover something about it that has you coming back for more (just like us)!