Cruising Tips: Why Should I Plan My Port Days in Advance?

Cruising is becoming more popular with Australians every year. I read recently that 1 in 5 Australians have taken a cruise!

Yep, I can believe it too – talk to anyone you know and you can bet either they have taken a cruise or they know someone who has!

I think there are two parts to a cruising holiday:

1: The Cruise Ship Experience

2: The Port Days Experience

It seems that some people cruise solely for the experience of being on the Cruise Ship, while others are Cruising as a means to explore new destinations.

So are you cruising to holiday, cruising to discover, or maybe a little bit of both?

Everyone’s definition of a great holiday will be different, but for us the chance to Cruise means the chance to discover new destinations!

While cruising may not be the most immersive way to discover a new destination, don’t assume you can’t get a great taste of a place in just one day – it is definitely possible.

Here are the Top Reasons You Should Plan your Port Days in Advance:

  • Make the most of it! You have travelled across an ocean to an exotic Port - don’t waste the opportunity to experience and discover it.
  • Budgeting is easier – paying for your shore days before you travel means one less thing to pay for during your holiday.
  • If you are not likely to visit this destination again planning is the best way to make sure you have the best once in a lifetime experience.
  • Decrease your stress levels by being organised – it can be quite overwhelming to arrive at a Port and have no idea of what options you have.
  • Don’t get ripped off by someone random you meet while walking off the ship who will drive you around in circles for the day and only take you to places where he gets a commission.
  • Avoid becoming the disillusioned tourist who claims to “hate” a destination (all because you didn’t actually experience it)!
  • With a little planning you will be able to avoid the crowds at the tourist traps and have a much more meaningful experience.
  • Don’t be left with the regrets of not making the most of your day.
No Regrets Quote

When you only have one day in a place, the planning becomes even more critical.

I am always a little sad when I see cruise passengers milling aimlessly around a Port, or desperately trying to negotiate the ranks of taxi drivers, or traipsing along the road towards town – even more so when you see them turn around and head straight back to the ship! Some cruisers we have talked to don’t even get off the ship at some ports as they say there is nothing to do!

With a little pre-planning this overwhelming experience of discovering a new country can be so different!

I have always been a planner, and I find planning our holidays to be half the fun!

Our cruising holidays are no different, and in fact this is how Go By Sea was Born!

With Go By Sea we want to help Cruise Passengers to make the most of their Port Days.

We spent months researching destinations, meeting local operators, testing experiences and discovering hidden gems all so that you don’t have to!

All the research and planning has been done so that each of our experiences fits in perfectly with a single day in Port, taking you away from the Tourist Traps and leaving you in the hands of passionate local guides who will help you to truly discover your destination.

You can book and pay from Australia in advance so that you don’t have to worry about payment on your Port Day.

All you need to do is meet your guide and let the adventure begin!

Adventure is Worthwhile

We hope to inspire in you, a love for off-the-beaten path travel and to provide an experience that will stay with you forever.