My. First. Blog. Post.


They say every journey begins with the first step.

So here we are at the beginning, taking that first step into the world of blogging.

And blogging about Journeys – Sea Journeys.  Does that conjure up images of vast oceans, rolling seas, grand ships and mysterious destinations?

In this Blog, I’m going to talk about Cruising – Cruising in the South Pacific – and all the things that go with a Cruising Holiday.

On our very first cruise

But first I should talk about me and why I have started THIS journey!



My name is Ann, and together with my husband (Mac) we are Go By Sea.

If you have found this blog, chances are you have already found our website – we hope that you look around and enjoy the experiences we have put to together for your cruising holiday to the South Pacific.

Our first cruise was back in 2011.

Our friends suggested we come along on a cruise with them.  We were not sure.  Stuck on a ship with thousands of other people?  Not our thing!  Organised activities? Shudder! Badly made buffet food?  No way! Sea-sickness? Sounds awful!

So why did we do it?  Well, we were keen to spend some time with our friends!  And we believe in the importance of trying something for ourselves before we knock it!  Cruising seems to be the sort of activity that is loved by the lovers and hated by those that haven’t tried it!

Cruising was a very different style of travel than we were used to – more mainstream and organised than what we usually enjoyed.

But enjoy it we have!  On a ship, you unpack once and have your every whim catered to by an amazing team of staff.  You are delivered to multiple destinations in comfort without having to think about a thing.  You can chose to do as much or as little as you like while on-board.  You can socialise or sit back and read a good book.  There are a myriad of good food options and always excellent cocktails!  Although there are about 2000 other souls sharing the same space, we have never felt overwhelmed by numbers as the ships are perfectly designed to disperse the crowds.

There is something special about spending time on the ocean – the feeling of freedom being surrounded by blue for as far as the eye can see.  The sense of adventure and expectation, the realisation that you are a very small fish in a very big pond.  Your mood becomes lighter and you feel like anything is possible.

So now, after a number of cruises we know that when we need an easy get-away and time out from the real world we can jump on-board a cruise ship and be transported to a happy place!

Our Go By Sea Blog will be a place to share the experiences, adventures and advice that we have gathered along the way.