The Maldives Experience: Magical, Marvellous Maldives

The Maldives.

Sounds exotic doesn’t it?

Picture gently swaying palm trees on tiny islands surrounded by white sand beaches, and sparkling azure waters teaming with tropical sea-life and you will be halfway there. Add in smiling and happy people and a relaxed luxury half a world away and you have arrived!

The Maldives may be a little far from Australia & New Zealand to be on your radar, but if you love the South Pacific Islands and you’re looking for a change in holiday destination, The Maldives may be for you.

We have just returned from our first holiday to The Maldives. It won’t be our last! In a twist from how we usually do things, our trip to the Maldives was almost completely un-researched! We booked on a whim as we wanted to do something new and unknown to celebrate a milestone birthday. What a magical, marvellous place we found in The Maldives!

Rest assured I now plan on learning everything there is to know about The Maldives, and more importantly we plan on going back as soon as possible to experience more of it!

Where and What are The Maldives?

The Republic of Maldives is a chain of 26 Atolls in the Indian Ocean, South-west of Sri Lanka and India. From Australia the best way to travel to The Maldives is via Singapore. From Singapore you have a 4 ½ hour flight to reach Male.

Male is the Capital city, where you will arrive at the International airport. Male is situated on one of the 1192 small islands that make up the archipelago.

Around 80 of the islands are home to Tourist Resorts. The Maldives are known as the lowest country in the world, sitting on average only 1.5m above sea level. The Maldives is a strict Islamic Country, although Muslim law is not imposed on tourists staying on the resort islands.

The Native language is Maldives Dhivehi, but English is widely spoken at all the resort islands. The climate is tropical with the wet season bringing more rain from April – October. The temperature sits around 30 degrees year-round.

The local currency is not widely used in tourist resorts; you will find hotels charge in USD.

Why The Maldives?

Barefoot luxury surrounded by nature would be the way I would describe our holiday to The Maldives. If you want to truly get away from the crowds, technology and the hustle & bustle of modern life this is the place to do it. We didn’t even see a car for a week.

When you arrive at the airport you are quickly ushered out to the waiting boats and sea-planes which whisk you away to your deserted Island Paradise. You travel to The Maldives to relax, and the casual vibe and friendly staff at our resort really enhanced that holiday feeling. From the moment we arrived we felt at home. And the quintessential bungalow set over the water was the picture perfect setting for relaxation.

Travel to The Maldives if you love the Ocean. No matter where you are on your island resort you are only ever steps away from the crystal clear water. The snorkelling from the beach has to be seen to be believed. The diversity of sea-life is the best we have ever experienced without the need for a scuba certificate.

You do need to be prepared for a pale reef as the coral was badly bleached during El Nino of 2016. So do not come expecting a colourful palate of coral. In our opinion, the colour and variety of sea-life made up for this.

In addition to the snorkelling (which to be honest is pretty well all we did for the entire week), there are all sorts of water activities you can partake in at your whim: Jet skis, Sailing, Scuba, Sun-set cruising, Fishing, Island Hopping, Fish Feeding, off-shore snorkelling, kayaking. Fit in as much as you like between sessions lazing on your sun-lounger admiring the serenity.

And then there is the food. As an Asian country, The Maldives love their spice but they also excel when it comes to fresh seafood. We dined (and delighted) in the most amazing curries and the freshest seafood all week. Every meal was a treat for the senses and I miss the food almost as much as I miss that incredible underwater world.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words:

We visited only one tiny resort island of this tropical paradise, but we believe our experience captured the true heart and soul of a Maldives experience. If you are seeking relaxation and stunning natural beauty and you want to head away from your usual South Pacific comfort zone, we don’t think you can go wrong with any resort island. Here are some photos of our time in the Magical, Marvellous Maldives: