Things to Do in Port Vila: LIFE

One of the joys of travelling is in discovering new cultures and experiencing how people live in other parts of the world.

You don’t always experience reality from commercial villages set up for the mass tourism market. 

But if you are lucky enough, you can be invited into real villages and have the privilege of spending quality time with the Ni-Van people who will share their lives with you.

Welcome to the LIFE Experience!

Things to Do in Port Vila with Go By Sea



Real Life

We can take you where other tours don’t – you will be welcomed behind-the-scenes, into local villages where the Ni-Van people live.

Interact with the locals in the villages you visit and enjoy learning about another culture and another way of life.


3 Unique Experiences in One Day

You will have plenty of time at each of your 3 stops to take in the unique lifestyle and the natural beauty of Vanuatu.

We are not taking you to tourist areas; you won’t see captive animals or actors – just real life in three unique locations.

Each location is well off the tourist trail, and with a small group of no more than 12 guests you will have an intimate and exclusive day.


Circling the Island

In the course of the day you will circumnavigate the island of Efate.  Port Vila, the capital is where your cruise ship will dock. It takes around 1 ½ hours to drive around the island.  As you leave the confines of Port Vila you can sit back enjoy the views of the countryside, getting to your destinations is part of the fun!




Tradition in a Modern World

Entering our first village, you will learn about a traditional way of life that is still relevant and real even in today’s modern society. Here is where the community lives, works and plays. As you wander through the village each family shows you different aspects of their lives, including farming, fishing, weaving, cooking and other daily tasks. The village also has a church and a school, so if you are interested ask to visit these too.


The Happiest Place on Earth!

See why Vanuatu has been voted the happiest place on earth!  You will likely encounter children playing, adults laughing as they work and even some singing thrown in!  There are happy, smiling faces everywhere you go.




Lunch with a View

When it is time to eat you can relax on an idyllic beachfront and enjoy a lazy lunch with your feet in the sand.  This restaurant has been built within a local village and is entirely run by the families of that village.  The setting is picture-perfect so don’t forget your camera!



Island Time

A short boat ride (5min) from the mainland brings you to a village that has begun a restoration project to re-introduce Giant Clams to the area.  The conservation efforts of this small community ensures the future of the village and the clams.

You will be some of the very few to visit this area and snorkel over the Giant Clams.



Full Day Tour

You will be collected from the wharf for your full-day adventure, but don’t worry you will be back at the ship in plenty of time for your scheduled departure.

Throughout the day your local guide will be with you to explain all about life in Vanuatu.  Feel free to ask any questions you want!

On the way back to the ship your driver is happy to stop at the Duty-Free store if you want to.


What will I need?

This is a day of relaxed touring, suitable for all fitness levels.

Bring cash or a credit card if you would like to buy any extra drinks during lunch. There may also be an opportunity to buy handicrafts at the village.

If you would like to swim or snorkel at your final stop you can bring along your togs and towel. There is a place to change into your togs at the lunch stop.

Why We Love it

  • Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller!  The best experiences are authentic ones, and LIFE is as real as it gets.
  • Every village benefits from your visit. This tour has been designed to help locals make a living from their own natural resources, and we love the community spirit on show here.
  • This is a relaxed day.  You won’t be rushed from place to place, but you still get to see and experience so much more than other tours can offer.
  • When you finish this tour you will feel like you know Vanuatu!  This is so much more rewarding that just ticking off a few tourist locations on your Port Day.

Things to Do in Port Vila – Do you want to experience LIFE?